It's a Wonderful Life

If you’ve only seen it in scratchy, fuzzy UHF television presentations; if you watch it once a year, every year; if you’ve never seen it before; or if you fall somewhere in-between—then you owe it to yourself, your kids, your parents, your grandkids, your grandparents, the cousins, and any other living human combination to see Frank Capra’s immortal classic on the big screen. Jimmy Stewart was born to play the role of George Bailey, the Everyman whose unflappable spirit (even in the face of the deepest despair) has been of quintessential importance to American popular culture for the last several decades. Having lost not one iota of its emotional power, It’s A Wonderful Life is an unmistakable treasure, and might just be the true meaning of Christmas.

Dir. Frank Capra, 1946, 35mm, 130 min.

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