It's A Double Feature, Charlie Brown! (BOTH FEATURE FILMS ON 35MM!)

You may have seen them on coffee mugs, cartoon strips, TV shows and books, but were you aware that there were four theatrically released animated Peanuts features? If you’re a fan, then seeing these films on 35mm is the ultimate Charlie Brown experience. Whether you were a shy bookworm, a rough ‘n tumble sport, a precocious performer, a round-the-clock gamer, a proud overachiever or a ramshackle goof, one thing remains a universal constant about all our childhoods — we were all touched by Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew. More so than the many half-hour network specials, the four Peanuts feature films offer the Charles Schultz-created gang the appropriate space to breathe, and for us, the ample opportunity to fall in love with them anew. Join us for two of these classic moments in animation history! DISCLAIMER: if this double feature doesn’t put a smile on your face, we might have to ask you to leave the premises. Titles to be announced at showtime!