Italianamerican (introduced by Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal Restaurant!)

Martin Scorsese clearly loves and adores his parents; his mother, Catherine, appeared in several of his films, almost always as an Italian mother! But perhaps Catherine’s greatest role was as hersef, in her son’s touching, loving 1974 documentary portrait Italianamerican. “Made after Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, [the film] explores [Scorsese’s] heritage through his parents’ homespun stories. The setting is casual, right in his parent’s apartment on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy…Food in Italian-American families is important and there is plenty of talk, especially from Catherine, on the making of her pasta sauce and meatballs which Marty allows her to go into great detail about, the camera even following her into the small kitchen as she prepares, and gives instructions, on making of a meal. Like most families, they are recipes handed down from generation to generation. In case you miss an ingredient by the way, the recipe is included in the end credits. And what would an Italian family dinner be without wine? We listen to both parents talk about how their families made their own homemade wine with a discussion on whom, when, and if feet were used to squeeze the grapes…Though the film is basically a question and answer, out of it emerges a family’s history filled with humor, and love; a family scrapbook.” (John Greco, Twenty Four Frames) The evening’s show will be introduced by Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal Restaurant — with a themed reception to follow on Cinefamily’s backyard patio!