The legendary 1987 film directed by Elaine May, starring Dustin Hoffman & Warren Beatty, and featuring some of the most incredibly funny tunes Paul Williams has ever written! This unfairly maligned comedy concoction is possibly the Eighties’ most worthy title of cinematic re-discovery — it’s been having a serious effect on all of us here in the Cinefamily office, with repeated viewings as part of our daily routine, and an endless amount of its quotable lines and song lyrics becoming staples in our in-joke arsenal. Ishtar has a flawless sense of comedic timing, fantastic on-screen chemistry between its two leads and co-star Charles Grodin(!), and an entire soundtrack album’s worth of memorably unmemorable songs by Paul Williams written in the lead characters’ doofus-y, sub-Simon & Garfunkel shtick. Now that the sandstorm has settled on the unjustly-generated controversy surrounding the film’s trouble production, we can now look upon this Reagan-era gem with fresh eyes, so get ready to be pleasantly surprised! Sure to turn the head of even the most hardened filmic cynic, Ishtar is simply a great time out at the movies.
Dir. Elaine May, 1987, 35mm, 107 min.

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