Invasion of the Body Snatchers (w/ Philip Kaufman in person!)

Remakes can evoke a sense of dread and panic from filmgoers, and how can you blame them? The nuances and feel of OG versions almost always get lost when a popular, iconic film is remade. To the contrary, with Invasion of the Body Snatchers, director Philip Kaufman was not only able to make a film that stands up to the source material (without creating a “pod” copy), but one that is considered by many to surpass the original. Mysterious spores from space descend on San Francisco, causing the city’s inhabitants to become emotionless, detached shells of their former selves, while two badass health inspectors try to get to the bottom of the pandemonium in this 70s-set retelling of the allegory that keeps on giving — and features amazing performances from Donald Sutherland, a baby-faced Jeff Goldblum, and a typecast-shattering role for Leonard Nimoy. Once the pods start to replicate, there’s no need for hate… or love.

Dir. Philip Kaufman, 1978, Digital Presentation, 115 min.

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