Interior. Leather Bar. (1/5, 7:30pm)

Some movie stars have creative projects on the side: a rock band, a painting habit, maybe a cookbook — and on the other end of the spectrum is James Franco, who, more than any other artist in the 21st century, has squeezed into his every spare minute a cornucopia of wide-ranging theater, writing and behind-the-scenes film work that staggers the imagination. One of his latest many directorial efforts, Interior. Leather Bar. slyly pushes the limits of the meta-documentary form. Legend has it that forty rumored minutes of gay S&M footage were cut from William Friedkin’s 1980 thriller Cruising, in order to avoid an “X” rating. Inspired by this controversial mythology, Franco and co-director Travis Mathews collaborate to imagine their own lost footage. Amid the backdrop of a frenzied film set, actor Val Lauren reluctantly takes the film’s “Al Pacino” lead role — and must repeatedly negotiate his boundaries during scenes “on-” and “off-camera”, as unsimulated gay sex happens around him. As much a film about filmmaking as it is about sexual and creative freedom, “[t]he result is a provocative exploration of…engaging with things that scare us” (Sundance.) The show also includes special short films TBA!
Dirs. James Franco & Travis Mathews, 2013, digital presentation, 60 min.

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