Industrial Musicals (w/ A Live Performance by Eleni Mandell + Live DJ set from Don Bolles of The Germs!)

Join us for a unique night of bizarre cinema and live music, hosted by Steve Young (former “Letterman” and “Simpsons” writer!) and including a performance by Eleni Mandell, and DJ set from Don Bolles of The Germs!

Once upon a time, when American industry ruled the earth, business and Broadway had a baby. This mutant offspring, glimpsed only at conventions and sales meetings, was the industrial musical. Think Broadway show, except the audience is managers and salesmen, and the songs are about how great it is to be working at the company.

Young will screen some of the most twisted examples ever committed to film, including American Standards’ “The Bathrooms Are Coming.” You won’t find any of this on YouTube! Plus, get a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary starring Martin Short, Dave Letterman, Susan Stroman & more.

Watch the trailer!