'In the Shadow of the Sun' w/ Live Score by Psychic TV

This event is now off-site at the Regent Theatre 448 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Co-Presented by Berserktown

Live set by DJ Totally Abuse

In 1981, artist-cum-stage designer turned experimental filmmaker Derek Jarman strung together a hodgepodge of Super 8 films shot between 1972 and 1975 to create the multi-textural In the Shadow of the Sun, a poetic sequence of its creator’s go-to leitmotifs of mirrors, fires, and dancing bodies in motion, doubly-exposed and primarily tinted with psychedelic light leaks. The original score, provided by industrial noise stalwarts Throbbing Gristle, will receive a live reimagining thanks to legendary experimental group Psychic TV, lead by frequent Jarman collaborator Genesis P-Orridge. In anticipation of the September 2016 release of “Alientist,” P-Orridge and h/er collaborators will join us to present this entirely refreshed, avant-garde live re-scoring to Jarman’s painterly pastiche.

Dir. Derek Jarman, 1981, digital presentation, 48 min.