In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand + Outlaw-Masu Returns Home

An emotional doc double feature diving deep into Japan’s emotional fallout from WWII at home and abroad. First, the head-spinning cross between My Dinner With Andre and Shoah, In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand. In ‘71, Shohei Imamura uncovers an underground network of “rogue” Japanese soldiers who stayed put in Southeast Asia permanently. Was this exile voluntary? Three hardened ex-soldiers in their fifties answer the question over a reunion dinner, semi-nostalgically recounting an unending torrent of battle atrocities committed in the name of “victory”. Their resilience is a testament to human will — and the actions they divulge provide a lifetime of ethical debate. Imamura next filmed Outlaw-Masu Returns Home, featuring one of In Search of…’s ex-soldiers returning to Japan for the first time in the 33 years. Immediately prying open unhealed emotional scars from decades-old conflicts with his younger brother (now an ornery drunk), the ex-soldier finds that the peaceful Japan of the present is just as ambivalent towards what he represents as he is towards the Japan of his past. A remarkable, rare duo guaranteed not to leave any audience member unmoved.
In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand Dir. Shohei Imamura, 1971, HD presentation, 46 min.
Outlaw-Masu Returns Home Dir. Shohei Imamura, 1973, HD presentation, 47 min.

Watch an excerpt from “In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand”!

Watch an excerpt from “Outlaw-Masu Returns Home”!