IDA's Doc U: Writing for the Non-Fiction Screen

A lot of people hear the phrase “documentary writer”, and think “narration” — but even though any professional doc writer has to be ready to write narration on demand, there’s a lot more to the job than churning out VO. The doc writer’s treatment guides the choice of characters, scenarios, locations and themes during preproduction and production, and the script maps the way to a coherent storyline through jungles of raw footage in post. Join moderator Sara Hutchison (writer/producer and IDA Board Executive Member) and a panel of experts, including writer/producer and IDA Board Member Steven Reich (Avalanche: The White Death, Bird Island: The Story of Isla Rasa), writer/producer Sharon Wood (Straight from the Heart, The Celluloid Closet), writer Freida Lee Mock (Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner, Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision) and writer/producer P.G. Morgan (Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Revenge of the Electric Car) as we look at the role of writing in nonfiction storytelling. The evening’s on-stage conversation will be followed by an audience Q&A, and a reception on the Cinefamily’s backyard Spanish patio!

NOTE: we are unable to offer a discounted ticket rate for Cinefamily members to this event.