IDA's DOC U: The Business Side of Doc Filmmaking

Documentary filmmakers come in all stripes and from all walks of life, and often the only shared qualities are a passion for their subjects and a desire to get the story told. Underlying these disparate characteristics, however, are the fundamentals of how all doc business models must operate. What are the various options available to filmmakers in the business of making documentaries? What business model works best for you and your filmmaking? How can you decide? And what are the implications, come tax time? Join moderator Lisa Leeman (One Lucky Elephant, Crazy Wisdom: The Life and Times of Chogyam Trunga) as we look at case studies from filmmakers working in the field, and hear from industry experts on the best practices of accounting and business management, with a focus on the impact and things to know when filing your taxes.

NOTE: we are unfortunately unable to offer Cinefamily members discounted admission to this event.