IDA's Doc U: The Art of the Personal Documentary - A Conversation With Doug Block

Many of us have incredible stories to tell from our personal and family lives. But few of us have the guts to lay ourselves and our loved ones bare in front of the camera’s lens. Doug Block, acclaimed director of 51 Birch Street and The Kids Grow Up, has made a career out of doing just that. A self-shooter, who also appears in his own films, Doug does not shy away from exploring his family’s stories, even when it becomes uncomfortable. His lyrical, beautiful cinematic films invite us all into his family’s inner dialogue, and allow us to reflect to how closely they mirror our own.

How did his filmmaker journey lead him to making personal documentaries? What are the hardest moments he’s had to face while making work about his family? How has he developed the ability to still make strong directorial choice when the subject of his films is, quite literally, so close to home? How does he navigate production as a self-shooter who is in the film? Join us on May 16th for an intimate conversation with Doug Block, and learn more about the risks and rich rewards of making a personal documentary film, and the wisdom he’s gained from a lifelong career as a documentary filmmaker.