IDA's Doc U: Taking Stock - Using Archival Footage to Tell Your Story

Documentaries succeed best when viewers feel a connection to their subjects — and archival footage can provide the means to delve deep into the stories and history of a film’s characters by bringing the past to life, and contextualizing current events. Powerful moments, iconic scenes and historic figures lend their voice to the message in your film. Whether you’re making a historical documentary, referencing a current event, or doing an in-depth profile, archival footage can connect the dots and forge a connection with the viewer. Tonight, Doc U takes a look at the use of archival footage in American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, examining its importance in telling a full and compelling story. Panelists include American Revolutionary director Grace Lee, producer Austin Wilkin and editor Kim Roberts, along with Brendon Mulvihill (Director of Sales, T3Media.)