IDA's Doc U - Sharp Shooters: Cinematographers Share Their Secrets

Your cinematographer will make or break your documentary. No other relationship is more central to the success of your project than this one — and yet, the skills, tools, and insights of cinematographers are somewhat mysterious to the rest of us. No more! Whether you’re a shooter yourself, or a documentary filmmaker who has never picked up a camera, your work will benefit immensely from this Doc U that spotlights the art and craft of cinematography from the point of view of some of the top shooters in documentary today.

Join us for an eye-opening and free-ranging discussion with these highly talented and articulate cinematographers moderated by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Greg Barker (Manhunt, Koran by Heart, Sergio). Panelists include: Nick Higgins (The Crash Reel, The Short Game, First Position), Arlene Nelson (Valentine Road, The Beaches of Agnès, A Mighty Wind), Andrew Droz Palermo (Rich Hill, A Teacher, Black Metal), and Emily Topper (Baltimore, After Tiller, Ain’t in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm).