IDA's Doc U: Selling Your Doc - Sales Agents’ Tips and Tales

Admit it. You want to sell your documentary. You worked on it for years, went into debt over it, agonized over every frame of it, and now it’s done. You’re proud of your work. You know that it has value. Not just the moral, feel-good kind, but tangible, monetary value. But who will buy it? How will you sell it? What will you charge for it? And how in the world do you handle a negotiation over something like that? Or find the right people to be on your side?

Well, the last part is taken care of, for the International Documentary Association has assembled a stellar panel of sales agents/producers — all experts in the field — with years of experience selling documentaries. For one night only, they are all on your side, demystifying the process and sharing what they know. Join Kevin Iwashina, (Managing Partner, Preferred Content), Josh Braun (Co-President, Submarine Entertainment) and special guests TBA, for a peel-back-the-curtain look at the world of buying and selling docs.