IDA's Doc U - Crowdfunding: Raising Money the New-Fashioned Way

“Crowdfunding.” The mere mention of the word sends shivers down the spines of filmmakers. However, those shivers may mean different things to different people: shivers of anticipation for filmmakers on the cusp of their first crowdfunding campaign, or shivers of anxiety for filmmakers already experienced at the crowdfunding game — and who know how much hard work and uncertainty it represents. So, how does the documentary filmmaker find their way through the maze of different crowdfunding platforms, decide when and how to launch, what perks to make available, how to build a team, and what fundraising goal to set? Most importantly, how do you figure out how crowdfunding fits into your overall budget plan, and your busy day-to-day life?

Join us for a fact-filled, enlightening discussion moderated by IDA’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program Manager Amy Halpin. On the panel: Adam Chapnick (Principal/ Evangelist, Indiegogo & IDA Board Member) and Emily Best (founder/CEO of crowdfunding/distribution platform Seed&Spark), as well as filmmakers Lotti Pharriss Knowles (I Am Divine), Camilo Silva (After 68) and Tracy Droz Tragos (Rich Hill), all of whom have recently completed successful crowdfunding campaigns.