IDA's Doc U - Cable's New Big Thing: Non-Fiction Series & the Doc Filmmaker

Expanding the documentary pie has always been the dream for both documentary filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. With the recent explosion of non-fiction series, that dream may be coming true. Just about every week, the press announces the launch of a new docu-series — many affiliated with prominent documentary filmmakers, such as Morgan Spurlock, Alex Gibney and Joe Berlinger. CNN (Death Row Stories, Chicagoland, Crimes of the Century, Inside Man), Al Jazeera America (The System), OWN (Lindsay), Showtime (Seven Deadly Sins), and Pivot (TerraCycle, Welcome to Fairfax), as well as others, are all in the game, defining the genre as they go. What opportunities do these series represent for documentary filmmakers? How are audiences responding? Do these programs signal the latest evolution in the documentary form? Join Anne Thompson (Indiewire’s “Thompson on Hollywood”) for a fascinating peek inside the world of non-fiction series and a discussion of their new place in the documentary landscape. Panelists include: Shannon High-Bassalik (Senior VP, Documentaries and Programming, Al Jazeera America), Lizzie Kerner (Dir., Development & Acquisitions, CNN) and Mary Lisio (EVP, Non-fiction and Branded Entertainment, Scott Free Productions.)