Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp (7/11, director in person!)

Nearly every single gangster MC and every blaxploitation film committed to celluloid owes an overwhelming debt to Iceberg Slim, the notorious ex-pimp and author of groundbreaking, hard-hitting ‘70s novels such as Pimp and Trick Baby — but few people have had knowledge of what this shadowy literary icon was really like away from the pages of his pulpy paperbacks until now. Awash with fast-paced commentary from authors, scholars, friends, family and heavyweights like Ice-T and Snoop Dogg, this brand-new doc provides a riveting tapestry reconciling Slim’s towering persona with the fragile realities of his undiscovered private life. Starting with a whirlwind tour down the path of Slim’s knife-edge origins as he developed his “managerial skills” on the streets of Chicago, and moving to an intimate portrayal of his later life in Los Angeles as a struggling father of four, living in poverty while his game-changing books sold millions of copies around the world, Portrait Of A Pimp deftly pries open the lid on the many fantastical myths surrounding the baddest dude on the planet. Schedule permitting, director Jorge Hinojosa will be here in person for a Q&A!
Dir. Jorge Hinojosa, 2012, digital presentation, 89 min.

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