Hunter Gatherer (11/17)

A man named Ashley (Andre Royo of The Wire) returns to his South Los Angeles home after a long and unexplained stint in prison; this is the old story Hunter Gatherer tells, the return of the prodigal son. In a nod to Charles Burnett’s 1990 To Sleep with Anger, the idle Ashley returns to a largely vacant life, and soon falls into a money-making scheme-filled friendship with the true star of the show and the film’s ballast, “Germs” (George Sample III). Art director (Prince Avalanche, Camp X-Ray) turned director Joshua Locy’s debut is an astonishingly assured mix of realism and fantasy—subtle and full of dreamlike mysticism, effortless wit, and immersive cinematography—and a salve for the pain of a disappointing summer of Hollywood simulacra.

Dir. Joshua Locy, 2016, DCP, 90 min.