Human Lanterns

Martial arts and no-holds-barred horror make for a seriously wild experience in this 1982 slice of Shaw Brothers mayhem, as a clawed, skull-masked psycho is on the loose in a village, swiping young women to peel off their skin in his grisly workshop of the damned. Could the murders be connected to a brewing town rivalry over the upcoming lantern festival? The rowdy scenes of the hairy, hyperactive maniac going to town turned this formerly obscure genre mash up into a cult favorite among Hong Kong fans — so rejoice that you can see this “maniacal masterpiece of the macabre, the martial arts, and the just plain weird” (Hong Kong Cinemagic) it in all its flesh-ripping glory on the big screen!
Dir. Chung Sun, 1982, 35mm, 95 min.

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