How to Build a Time Machine (Q&A with director Jay Cheel moderated by Matt Gourley of Drunk History)

An investigation of childhood obsession, movie magic, and the pursuit of space-twisting, inter-dimensional crusades. Rob Niosi, a stop-motion animator, has spent over a decade building an exact replica of Rod Taylor’s device in 1960′s H.G. Wells adaptation The Time Machine. Dr. Ron Mallett, a physics professor at the University of Connecticut (and subject of a long-gestating Spike Lee film), was moved by Wells’ novel to go back in time and save his father from a fatal heart attack. How to Build a Time Machine traces the lives of these men – their processes, fixations, and dreams – and the divergent paths that Wells’ work inspired them to take. Much like Room 237 – the 2012 doc about Stanley Kubrick conspiracy theorists – How to Build a Time Machine explores how our lives intertwine with movies just as much as it considers the prospect of shooting lasers into space.

Dir. Jay Cheel, 2017, DCP, 82 min.

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