House Of Wax (2005)

This is indeed the House Of Wax remake featuring the hype-laden, gruesome on-screen demise (spoiler!) of gossip rag celebrity extraordinaire Paris Hilton — but that’s just the tip of the viscous, melting iceberg, for this twisted re-imagining of the 1950s Vincent Price frightfest delivers a wet, viscous punch that’ll leave fans of oily classics like Slither and the ‘80s version of The Blob thirsty for more. Director Jaume Collett-Serra (who would later go on to direct the also-great, also-crazy Orphan) more than delivers on the ick factor, with not only victims encased in wax — but an entire creaky, leaky mansion also constructed entirely out of the stuff. This is a full House of great kills, production design and gooey bucketfulls of imagination, all leading up to a body-melting climax for the ages. We’re giving this House a new lease — on death!
Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra, 2005, 35mm, 113 min.

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