Horror House on Highway Five (World theatrical premiere w/ filmmaker Richard Casey in person!)

Restoration courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome

While researching an ex-Nazi scientist who built V-2 rockets out in the desert, a group of students are targeted by a serial killer sporting a Richard Nixon mask. We’re still trying to unpack the symbolism here… but it’s not for a lack of a good time. With bugs, drugs, sex, freaks, fascism, rocket science, black magic and murder, what more do you need? Basically, this trash horror treasure shows Tricky Dick doing to puerile coeds what he did to trust in America’s highest office. Let’s put it this way: no matter what, you’ll enjoy more 80’s slasher, bleeding skull WTF-ness than you can shake a swastika at.

Dir. Richard Casey, 1985, DCP restoration, 87 min.

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