POTLUCK EVENT: Home Movie Day 2012

NOTE: This event starts with a finger-food potluck luncheon; things like bags of chips and drinks are not encouraged. Impress us!

It’s the 10th anniversary of a proud archival film tradition — and now the legendary Home Movie Day comes to Cinefamily, so bring your family films and amateur epics! An annual celebration of amateur films and filmmaking at many local venues worldwide, Home Movie Day provides an opportunity for individuals and families to both see and share their own home movies with an audience in their community. It’s a chance to discover why it’s important to care about and how to care for these precious films. Even though many people have had their amateur films transferred to DVD, original films (and the equipment required to view them) can long outlast any version on DVD or other digital media. Not only that, but contrary to the stereotype of the faded, scratched, and shaky home movie image, the original films are often carefully shot in beautiful, vibrant color—which may not be captured in a lower-resolution video transfer. Free admission — no ticket required! So, bring your 8mm, Super-8, 9.5mm, 16mm, 28mm and VHS home movies on film to view with us — it’s fun and sometimes even historic! For more info, visit www.homemovieday.com/losangeles!

Watch the trailer for “Home Movie Day 2012″!