Holy Motors (11/25, 7:00pm)

“Cinema and the adventurers remaining in its audience need the occasional movie that moves, explodes, exasperates, astounds and Holy Motors does that. It is a transporting vehicle.” — TIME Magazine

“Nothing makes ‘sense’ in this crazy-beautiful reverie about movies, love, the love of movies, and the inevitability of human melancholy…[a]nd yet everything is exactly as it should be, in one of the grand cinematic eruptions of the year.” — Entertainment Weekly

Only once every few years do film lovers experience a genuinely surrealistic arthouse gift along the lines of what directors like Jodorowsky, Matthew Barney or Gaspar Noe put out into the world — and Leos Carax’s Holy Motors is your next gift: one of the most ambitious feature films of the last decade. Joyous, hilarious, and positively otherworldly are but a few ways to describe its liquid “exquisite corpse” narrative; nothing can properly prepare you for the experience of Holy Motors, because nothing you have ever seen has moved or felt quite like it. In the performance(s) of a lifetime, regular Carax collaborator Denis Lavant is an amorphous Actor who, over the course of one day, carries out a mystery mission to inhabit a wide variety of chameleonic public roles: a bag lady, an assassin, a freakazoidal sewer dweller, a somber lover and much more. Driven around Paris in a chauffeured limo by the legendary Edith Scob (Eyes Without A Face), Lavant physically commits to each drop-of-a-hat character swap so thoroughly, and engages you so immediately that it’s truly impossible for anyone to predict what comes next, as Carax giddily cranks this cinematic Rubik’s Cube. Essential 21st-century viewing, and the most emotional, triptastic experience of the year.
Dir. Leos Carax, 2012, 35mm, 115 min.

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