Holy Hell (Advance screening w/ ex-member and filmmaker Will Allen in person, joined by other ex-members!)

In 1985, on a quest for spiritual health and guidance, film school grad Will Allen became a member of the Los Angeles-based group The Buddhafield, an organization of men and women on a shared path toward oneness, inner peace, and understanding. For 22 years, Allen would act as the group’s sole documenter of daily life within the community, chronicling the activities and gatherings of the physically fit Buddhafield members and the increasingly strange behavior of their enigmatic leader, Michel. Drawing on an incredible archive of video footage from across various generations of analog and digital sources, Allen began the painful and somewhat dangerous process of constructing what would be Holy Hell, an intimate and disturbing trip into a world just on the fringe of glamorous, West Hollywood familiarity. One of the most hyped yet mysterious docs to play Sundance this year, Holy Hell takes you to spaces you never thought you’d see by way of a face you’ll never be able to forget.

Join us for an after-party on our beautiful back patio!

Dir. Will Allen, 2016, DCP, 100 min.