Holy Flame of the Martial World + mystery Shaw Bros. film!

“You get demons, ghosts, zombies, living tapestries, an (English-speaking!) Western demon, superpowered hermits, conspirators, monks, deadly traps, skeletons, temples, dungeons, secret magic techniques, and the list goes on and on. It’s fucking amazing and doesn’t stop for a minute.” — Letterboxd.com

Drenched in eye-popping colors and energetic practical effects, this is a martial arts film for those who also want a heavy helping of fantasy and magic craziness. The mystical Holy Flame of the title — a yin-and-yang sword — is held by a couple who get murdered by some totally evil dudes. The dead couple’s kids grow up and proceed to tear up the countryside, with demons, blasting light rays, and tons of acrobatic duels filing the screen. Tsui Hark fans will love this knockabout display of acrobatic skill and FX wizardry, a popcorn movie in the truest sense. Bring your inner kid and enjoy. The evening’s secret second Shaw Brothers feature will also be on 35mm!
Holy Flame of the Martial World Dir. Chin-Ku Lu, 1983, 35mm, 85 min.

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