Hollywood Families: Woodrow Parfrey, Character Actor and Dad, Presented By Adam Parfrey

Beyond the red carpet, Hollywood for decades has been a working town full of families, and children of Hollywood see a side of that world that few others ever glimpse. This Thanksgiving weekend, Cinefamily celebrates this tradition of entertainment families with rare film and TV clips, photographs, home movies, and reminiscences of one distinguished Hollywood dad, Woodrow Parfrey, as presented by his son, book publisher Adam Parfrey.

Woodrow Parfrey was one of the most recognizable and distinctive character actors of the ’60s and ’70s—and a devoted dad to four kids. He played Dr. Maximus in Planet of the Apes, Clusiot in Papillon, and was in dozens of television shows and movies where he would often play decidedly odd or eccentric characters. After being liberated from a WWII prison camp, Woodrow met his future wife Rosa Ellovich at NY’s New School, where he studied with Rod Steiger, Beatrice Arthur, and Tony Curtis and appeared on many stage productions, noir movies, and classic early television shows. In 1962, Woody followed the film industry to the West Coast, where he had a prolific career, most notably directed by friends Don Siegel, Frank Schaffner, Fielder Cook and Clint Eastwood. Come join us as Adam Parfrey shares the better and stranger aspects of living with his character actor father, and in turn presents a highly personalized alternative history of Hollywood and emerging television.

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