Holly Woodlawn Tribute presented by Zackary Drucker

With very special guests!

Before being famously canonized in Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” and Paul Morrissey’s Trash and Women in Revolt, Puerto Rican superstar Holly Woodlawn hitchhiked in her high heels from the Miami she’d always called home to an early 60s New York City, where she subsequently fell in with Warhol’s Factory crowd, dabbled with substance abuse and petty public crimes, and emerged a singular figure, worthy of legend. Before her death in late 2015, Woodlawn had appeared in over two dozen films, firmly cementing herself as a vocal, visible figure within and for the active queer communities on both coasts. A specially curated Cinefamily original mix tape of film appearances, talk show moments and candid interview segments, along with additional Woodlawn wonders, will narrate the life of a trans legend too-soon gone from the glittering, fabulous screen.

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