Hiroshima Mon Amour (11/11, 7:30pm)

Long unavailable theatrically in the U.S. due to rights issues, this pillar of the French New Wave — and the first feature from Je T’Aime, Je T’Aime and Last Year At Marienbad filmmaker Alain Resnais — comes to Cinefamily in a brand-new 4K restoration! “Entangled, unmoving limbs covered in ash, the bodies of two lovers: French actress Emmanuelle Riva (2012 Oscar nominee for Amour), in Japan to make a “peace” film about Hiroshima, finds in the course of her brief affair with Japanese architect Eiji Okada (Woman in the Dunes, The Ugly American) compulsively returning to her traumatic post-war experiences, her love for a German soldier and her own shaming. Asked to do an anti-nuclear documentary in the wake of his powerful Holocaust doc Night and Fog, Resnais opted instead for a feature exploring mutual guilts and the power of memory via multitudes of tiny timeshifts intercut with the present-day lovers’ marathon conversation — all by distinguished novelist/first-time scripter Marguerite Duras, whose work here was nominated for an Academy Award.” (Film Forum)

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