High Maintenance (sneak preview hosted by Doug Benson, star & creators in person!) + "Doug Loves Movies" podcast taping

“Each episode offers an intimate vantage on someone’s world, projects our fantasy of what happens when that lady with the weird hair and the sad eyes, who we’ve been staring at since she got on the train in midtown, steps off at West Fourth Street and disappears into oblivion.” — Los Angeles Review of Books

Our first idea to title this Cinefamily show was How To Do A Web Series RIGHT: “High Maintenance”, for everything about this juicy collection of episodic shorts has been on-point from the get-go. Vimeo’s first original joint, High Maintenance tracks a weed dealer’s different house calls misadventures amongst an intimate, frequently nutz circle of Big Apple eccentrics. Each crystalline episode drops us into a different, harried, perfectly-realized version of someone we know — but a heightened ideal of that character sketch. Doug Benson’s a fan of the show too; join us for a special taping of his “Doug Loves Movies” podcast with the creators of the show, a sneak peak of High Maintenance’s latest season, and a Q&A session with the creators!