HFS: Countryman

Prepare yourself for a new kind of superhero — the world’s first rasta wizard!! He’s not Superman, he’s not Spiderman — he’s Countryman! In this worthy HFS addition to our Jamaican Noir series, the real-life island fisherman known only as Countryman is cast as the fictional crimefighter namesake with mystical, mind-shattering, shitkicking powers. See Countryman fight the forces of Babylon with ganja-fueled sorcery! See Countryman best ten baldheads at a time with a single flying kick! See Countryman exert mad voodoo mind control on evil white corruptors hiding out on their fancy yachts! See Countryman detonate massive bowls of weed being smoked by the enemy — also with his mind! See Countryman neutralize an alligator with only a red sweater, as he harnesses the powers of Jah Rastafari in his battle for justice! B-movie cheap-o special effects, relaxing montages of island paradise and (of course) great reggae music make this Jamaican drive-in exploitation classic a great big bushel of stony fun.
Dir. Dickie Jobson, 1982, 35mm, 102 min.

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