HFS: Airborne

Co-presented by Everything Is Terrible! & the Warner Archive

“Airborne is very likely the most 1990s movie ever made. We’ve got: surfing, rollerblading, street sports, no less than four separate montages (including one, I shit you not, to the song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred), bullies, an intense rivalry decided by a race, and tons of wailing guitars.” — Filmdrunk

As the film’s totally tubular tagline reads: “How do you become the most popular kid on earth? Take to the sky.” Fuck yeah we will, mís amigos! Bodaciously babelicious teen heartthrob Shane McDermott plays “Goose”: a cooliphonic happy-camper Cali surfer who digs on Ghandi, bean burritos, and big-mamma waves. Shipped off for the winter to the most epically bogus of badlands (Cincinnasty, no worries, brah), Goose, along with his twerp cousin played by Seth Green(!), must fend off the increasingly dangerous squad of school bullies — with only a neon pair of rollerblades to get him out of this digital fart of a situation! Featuring one of the most legit gnarly triple-black-diamond street races ever filmed, this stylin’, shreddin’ paean to good vibes and in-line skating (also starring Jack Black and Edie McClurg) will leave ya breathless, brah!
Dir. Rob Bowman, 1993, 91 min.

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