NEBRASKA: Hex (archival 35mm print!)

Schedule permitting, Hex composer Charles Bernstein will be for a Q&A before the film! The very young, cherubic posse of Gary Busey, Scott Glenn and Keith Carradine all star as a post-WWI era biker gang caught in a weird, witchy web of psychedelic madness. This early-’70s fractured fairy tale centers around a pair of sisters recovering from the loss of their Native American shaman father, and putting up with their peaceful Nebraska farm being overrun by cyclists hiding out from rival hot-rodders. All’s well with the nomadic outlaws — that is, until their bratty behavior and sexual advances leave the girls no choice but to lay a whopper of a deadly tribal hex on their keisters. You wouldn’t think a turn-of-the-century period piece would have a few trip sequences under its hood, but Hex contains a fair number of bugged-out moments to savor; as the dopey gang meets their maker one by one, we’re treated to some sweet optical trickery, elliptical editing and the experimental boundaries of Charles Bernstein’s unusual score (which merges old-school Americana with the avant-garde.)
Dir. Leo Garen, 1973, 35mm, 92 min. (Archival print courtesy of Fox Archive)