Here Come the Videofreex (with director Jon Nealon & Videofreex member Skip Blumberg in person!)

When Sony introduced the Portapak camera in 1967, suddenly, mobile, amateur video recording was possible. Early adopters Parry Teasdale and David Cort met via the magnetism of their gear at Woodstock and eventually the “Videofreex” collective was born. Part journalistic team – the group briefly worked for CBS – part interventionist-documentarians, these artists/activists captured the marches and political movements of the time, outside of the narrow world of network TV. Filmmakers Jon Nealon and Jenny Raskin’s portrait of the group – featuring ample archival footage and interviews – zeroes in on a pre-iPhone media moment that for some, is now almost inconceivable. Join us in celebrating this pioneering guerilla TV with filmmaker Jon Nealon and Videofreex member Skip Blumberg in person.

Dirs. Jon Nealon & Jenny Raskin, 2015, DCP, 79 min.

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