Helmut Berger, Actor (LA Premiere!)

Much like its subject, Helmut Berger, Actor is impetuous, shocking, and undoubtedly divisive. Relentlessly intimate in execution, Actor pulls no punches in highlighting one of the industry’s coldest shoulders; Helmut Berger is unwilling and seemingly emotionally unable to discuss his time in the spotlight (as Luchino Vistonti’s muse in Ludwig and Conversation Piece, which ultimately led to his suicide attempt one year after Visconti died). Filmmaker Andreas Horvath and Helmut’s volatile relationship ultimately leads to brutal truths that bubble violently to the surface. As both subject and author fall victim to their extreme emotional turmoil, it becomes nearly impossible to tell if Helmut is putting on a show, or descending into madness, in a crescendo that will assuredly lodge itself in your gray matter forever.

Dir. Andreas Horvath, 2015, DCP, 90 min.

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