Hellywood (The Five Minutes Game runner-up!)

If you came to this year’s installment of the Five Minutes Game, you know that the race was close. We watched the first five minutes of fifteen films, the audience voted on which two films they wanted to watch, and we screened only one. It was a blast, as usual, but we simply cannot deprive the audience of their second choice. Join us for a Five Minutes Game follow-up screening of the totally HFS find, Hellywood! This 1982 Japanese discovery is a bizarre, glam, and cartoony melting pot of genres: horror, musical, sci-fi, in a Japanese-fantasy seedy underbelly of fame, aka Hellywood! This is such a find, we even had it subtitled ourselves.

If you purchased tickets to the Five Minutes Game, you’ll get in free. Just come by during box office hours to pick up your free ticket. Must provide proof of purchase (receipt or stub) from original event for entrance.

Dir. Takafumi Nagamine, 1982, digital presentation, 85 min.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!