Hellraiser Triple Feature (Hellraiser I, II & III, Tony Randel & Peter Atkins in person!)

Tony Randel (director of Hellraiser II) and Peter Atkins (writer of Hellraiser II & III) will both be here for a Q&A between the films!

Hellraiser (archival 35mm print!) – 7:30pm
Most peoples’ memories of the original Hellraiser involve a guy with pins sticking out of his head and hooked chains ripping people apart — but Clive Barker’s 1987 film is a much more strange and wonderful creation than that. Not content to deliver a typical stalk-and-slash, Barker created a nightmare noir rife with masochism, mutilation and murder. The iconic Pinhead and his merry band of Cenobites”are mere background players, despite what the film’s marketing suggests, and looking back in hindsight, this was the right choice. The real monsters in the film are human, and Barker’s assured direction, especially for that of a first-timer, makes their fevered psychosexual mania a palpable reality on film. But a horror movie cannot subsist on high-mindedness alone, and Hellraiser more than delivers in the grue and monster department, from flayed reconstituting corpse-men to wild, phantasmagorical demons. A true horror masterwork and the flagship of a beloved franchise, Hellraiser is a big-screen must-see for any horror acolyte. Join us — we have such sights to show you!
Dir. Clive Barker, 1987, 35mm, 94 min.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II – 9:15pm
That rarest of horror sequels: one that takes everything you loved about the original, and expands on it in every conceivable way. Barker’s influence is still felt in the story department, which allows for director Tony Randel to really swing for the fences; the action is now moved to an insane asylum, where a mad and perverse doctor seeks to open the doors to hell itself — in other words, a perfect set-up for a Hellraiser movie. A real delight of production design, world-building and that trademark Hellraiser S&M body horror, this is the one that has it all: fleshless femme fatales, flaying chains and more Cenobites for your pleasure and pain. An embarrassment of riches in awesome ‘80s horror FX and clever old-school camera trickery, this one really demands to be experienced as it was intended: bold, bloody and on the big screen. Come take a trip with us to hell — you’ll be ever so glad you did!
Dir. Tony Randel, 1988, HD presentation, 97 min.

Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth – 11:15pm
There’s nothing quite as exciting as a franchise flying wildly off the rails, and “wild” is indeed the word to best describe Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, which is arguably the most purely entertaining of the entire franchise. Here, the Cenobite saga moves to the decadent Big City art scene(!), where all your burning questions about Pinhead (played as always by the unflappable Doug Bradley, here also kicking ass in a second role as his former corporeal self) will be revealed. This film follows the general rule of thumb for a Part III in its broad, go-for-broke shotgun approach — and the results are crazy, gory and all-around outrageous. There’s new wacky Cenobites to be had, S&M clubs to be massacred, and Hell On Earth to be unleashed! It’s the perfect carnival ride capper to your night of Hellraiser madness. In the words of Pinhead himself: it will tear your soul apart!
Dir. Anthony Hickox, 1992, HD presentation, 93 min.

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