Heavyweights of Cartoon Comedy: Tex Avery vs. Jay Ward!

Never before in the history of animation have these two titans of cartoon comedy faced off — just for laughs! Making his way into the ring: our resident animation historian Jerry Beck, who has collected a complete program of the rare 35mm and 16mm film prints that pit the two masters of cartoon mayhem against each other, with results that are hilarious. Tex Avery, the champion from Texas who created Droopy Dog and Red Hot Riding Hood, was the “king of cartoons” with his series of MGM theatrical shorts of the ‘40s and ‘50s. These animated masterpieces practically invented the language of cartoons, and are rife with exploding bombs, eye-popping doubletakes and girl-hungry Hollywood wolves. Tonight’s challenger is Jay Ward, the prize-winning Bay Area producer who revolutionized TV toons in the ‘60s with witty dialogue, funny artwork and zany characters like Rocky & Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right and Super Chicken. Who was funnier: Avery or Ward? Does it matter?! This big-screen contest will screen the best of the best — and the audience will be victor!

Watch Tex Avery’s “Red Hot Riding Hood”!
YouTube Preview Image

Watch Jay Ward’s “Riding Hoods Anonymous”!
YouTube Preview Image

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