HEAVY MIDNITES: Zola Jesus presents "Hider In The House" (filmmaker in person!)

We’ve been huge fans of Zola Jesus dark blend of striking operatic vocals and stark brooding electronics for a long time — and we’re eager to welcome her as she presents one of the great direct-to-video discoveries of the past few decades: Matthew Patrick’s deranged 1989 psycho thriller Hider in the House. Resident lunatic/legendary madman Gary Busey sees you, hears you, lives with you — and you don’t even know he’s there. In the bug-eyed, teeth-gnashing role that he was born to play, Busey is fresh from the asylum and dialed to eleven, squirreled away in a secret attic hideaway above the home of Mimi Rogers and Michael McKean. Matthew Patrick dives head first into the wild premise to craft a tense, sleek shocker exploring family dynamics with equal measures of wit and horror. It will have you checking behind doors and under beds, questioning the creak in the night and the sounds in the walls. And, as Zola Jesus best describes it, the whole thing is set to “GARY BUSEY INSANITY MAXIMUM.” Schedules permitting, Zola Jesus will join director Matthew Patrick to discuss the film!
Dir. Matthew Patrick, 1989, 35mm, 104 min.

Watch the trailer for “Hider In The House”!
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