Ten years before J.K. Rowling, Hogwarts and quidditch entered the pop culture lexicon, a very different spellbound boy named Harry Potter faced witches, goblins and other ghoulish delights in the mysterious, magical, mini-obsessed VHS-era brainbomb Troll. When Harry (NeverEnding Story teen heartthrob Noah Hathaway) and his family move into a new apartment complex, something mischievous takes over little sister Wendy. She roars, she bites, tosses people across rooms and even punches dudes in the nuts. And that’s not to mention the mystical fairytale forests that are suddenly popping up everywhere. Packed with wild optical effects, a trunkful of creepy critters from Charles Band’s Empire Pictures warehouse, and an all-star cast from Mars including cult film fave Michael Moriarty, Sonny Bono, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Charlie’s Angels’ Shelley Hack, Troll is a totally awesome good time.
Dir. John Carl Buechler, 1986, 35mm, 82 min.

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