HEAVY MIDNITES: The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola’s stunningly poetic directorial debut has lost none of its haunting charm or ethereal allure in the fifteen years since its Cannes debut. It’s confident, compelling, beautifully styled with an exquisite eye for detail, has an excellent cast, and features an awesome soundtrack that combining the perfect ‘70s rock mixtape and an impeccable score by the French band Air. Plus, Kirsten Dunst is a stone fox and Josh Hartnett is at the peak of his dreamy hotness. The story details the five Lisbon sisters, luminous & bewitching teens isolated by overprotective parents (James Woods & Kathleen Turner, both great.) The girls move like fleeting visions against their Midwest landscape, eternally unattainable and impossible to forget for the neighborhood boys that narrate the tale. The Virgin Suicides remains an assured showcase for Coppola: a poignant and evocative elegy to forgotten youth and vanished innocence, a captivating vision of adolescence and suburban malaise. But it’s also darkly humorous, uniquely feminine and profoundly affecting, while also capturing with pinpoint accuracy both an era and an age.
Dir. Sofia Coppola, 1999, 35mm, 97 min.

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