Schedules permitting, Surf II co-producers George Braunstein and Ron Hamady will be here in person to introduce the show! Calling all cola freaks, buzzbombs, bleepies and weirdos: we’ve found the movie for you. Surf II is madness, mayhem, music and generally gross stupidity — all the things that make life and movies worthwhile. And the summary on the back of the original VHS box describes it best: “Menlo Schwartzer — the geekiest mad scientist of all — wants to rid the world of surfers by transforming them into garbage-ingesting zombie punks! But no way dude can he stop their most awesome party.” Featuring four-eyed ’80s icon Eddie Deezen, a young Eric Stoltz and the greatest split-screen gag this side of De Palma, plus a cast full of stoned surfers, hot babes and Reagan-era sorta-punks/new wavers. But the real jaw dropper is that this comedy meltdown of the decade is still unavailable on DVD, Blu-ray or streaming. Oh yeah, and did we mention there’s no Surf I?
Dir. Randall M. Badat, 1984, 35mm, 91 min.

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