Even in our era of exuberant cinematic excess, few films can match the outrageous action, insane style, awesome haircuts and balls-to-the-wall entertainment of Stone Cold. It’s an unstoppable celebration of slick one-liners, fiery explosions, over-the-top set pieces, vicious baddies (including legends Lance Henriksen & William Forsythe), leather vests & hairy chests, plus one totally scene-stealing komodo dragon. College football superstar/NFL lightning rod/(unfairly) Razzie-nominated Brian Bosworth makes his film debut as a cop who enforces his own brand of justice while forced to go undercover to infiltrate a dangerous biker gang so bad their leader’s name is Chains. After a decade-long search, we’ve finally unearthed what may be the Earth’s last-surviving print of this modern day masterpiece of manliness. Prepare for 92 minutes of pure adrenaline and the most explosive courtroom climax ever committed to 35mm; Holyfuckingshit alert!!
Dir. Craig R. Baxley, 1991, 35mm, 92 min.