The world of cinematic entertainment made a massive leap forward in the year 1996, combining the intense personal drama of professional athletics with the extreme possibilities of hard science fiction — and that’s just the tip of the emotional iceberg, as the world’s-greatest-b-baller Michael Jordan must save the universe’s favorite toons in the intergalactic game of their lives. His Airness slams, Bugs Bunny jams and a cavalcade of cartoon stars hoop it up in this rim-rattlin’ out-of-this-world roundball romp that’s one of the funniest animation-meets-live-action capers ever made. Bugs, Daffy, and their beloved Looney Tunes friends are under alien attack, and their fates will be determined through a full-court showdown with Mister Swackhammer (voiced by Danny DeVito) and his dream team of mean Monstars fueled by the stolen skills of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and other NBA superstars. Laughs fly, elbows are thrown and the hottest ’90s R&B artists croon on the soundtrack. Space Jam is a slam dunk, earning the elusive “Two Thumbs Up” from Siskel & Ebert, as well as a Grammy for R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”, and an Annie Award for technical achievement!
Dir. Joe Pytka, 1996, 35mm, 88 min.

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