HEAVY MIDNITES: Shredder Orpheus (L.A. premiere, filmmaker/star Robert McGinley in person!)

Co-presented by LIGHT IN THE ATTIC RECORDS. Soundtrack LP now available.

The next great Neon No-Wave rediscovery is here, and it f’ing shreds! Shredder Orpheus is a skatepunk nightmare dialed to eleven, a heroic cult vision of hallucinatory ambition — along with a heavy dose of forbidden-zone poetry, courtesy of the late, great Steven Jesse Bernstein: the Bukowski of the ‘80s Pacific Northwest. When the Devil’s “Euthanasia Broadcast Network” unleashes an evil television signal that corrupts and kills its viewers, only rock star Orpheus (writer/director Robert McGinley) and his band of Shredders can penetrate the underworld and free the airwaves. Armed with his trusty tricked-out deck and a futuristic Hendrix-designed guitar, our hero must battle legions of gothed-out, post-apocalyptic zonkers to get to the truth. Don’t miss your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this unique blend of sick skateboarding, sci-fi social commentary, slashin’ songs, spaced-out comedy and ultra-wild décor — with the filmmaker behind it all IN PERSON to discuss!
Dir. Robert McGinley, 1989, 35mm, 88 min.

Watch the trailer for “Shredder Orpheus”!