HEAVY MIDNITES: Short Circuit 2 (co-hosted by Anders Holm of "Workaholics"!)

“A lot of it really made me laugh out loud. I though it was very satirical, very topical. And then of course you get down to the crux, which is “Do you care when the creature’s life is in jeopardy?”, and I DID. When they’re hammering that thing, the bad guys are killing that little robot, I felt bad — and that means the movie works. I’m really surprised by that little Short Circuit 2. That was cute.” — Gene Siskel

Anders Holm (comedian and star of Comedy Central’s Workaholics) stops by the Cinefamily to discuss superior sequels, and the motorized madness of an old-school cable-TV staple! Picking up where its origin film left off but focusing on what worked best, Short Circuit 2 improves on the first in nearly every way, upping the ante in antics and good old fashion robotic FUN. This time Johnny Five’s taking the big city by storm, searching for urban input while crossing wires with punk thugs, jewel thieves and greedy bankers who see his naiveté as their high-tech ticket to easy street. Add in comedy great Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap), Modern Girls’ Cynthia Gibb, a returning Fisher Stevens (still doing the Indian thing, but now with a citizenship subplot) and miles of mechanized mayhem for an outrageously alive night at the movies.
Dir. Kenneth Johnson, 1988, 35mm, 110 min.

Watch an excerpt from “Short Circuit 2″!
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