We’ll be giving away a few copies of the brand-new River’s Edge Blu-Ray at the show, courtesy of our friends at Kino Classics!

Charged with electric performances, haunting atmosphere, pitch black humor and a raging thrash soundtrack, River’s Edge perfectly represents an entire post-punk generation of disaffected youth. And while this controversial cult-classic lightning bolt may be based on a true life story, it hails from the same skewed, dark-bellied other-verse as Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Winner of the 1987 Independent Spirit Awards for Best Feature and Best Screenplay, it tracks a group of alienated high school burnouts and their reactions to discovering a friend has killed his girlfriend — but that’s just the starting point for a truly off-center character study populated by some of the Eighties’ greatest characters: a completely over-the-edge Crispin Glover and a blowup-doll-loving, drug-damaged dealer unforgettably played by Dennis Hopper. Plus, see Keanu Reeves, Ione Skye, Daniel Roebuck and Joshua John Miller (that spooky kid from Near Dark & Teen Witch) in “the best and boldest American movie so far this year!” (People Magazine).
Dir. Tim Hunter, 1986, 35mm, 99 min.

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