HEAVY MIDNITES: Problem Child & Problem Child 2 (25th Anniversary, cast/crew in person!)

“How much farting, pooping, peeing, and puking can you put in a single movie?”
– IMDb user review

Back in 1990, Problem Child tormented critics, terrified parents and pushed the limits of decency to delight kids of all ages — not to mention its spawning protests, sequels, an animated series and countless schoolyard shenanigans while leaving a powerful impact on a generation of young movie maniacs. To celebrate its 25th anniversary we’ve packed more mischievous mayhem into a single night than should be legally allowed, all to create the most epic event in Heavy Midnites history. We’re breaking out the big guns: two gorgeous, rarely-screened archival film prints, plus the special guests to tell us what really happened. Writers/creators Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, actress Amy Yasbeck, actor Eric Edwards and Problem Child 2 director Brian Levant IN PERSON to discuss!

Before becoming Hollywood’s go-to guys for offbeat biopics, (Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man In The Moon) writers Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander launched their careers with a deliciously deranged tale of a red-haired tyke’s wild exploits and the full-scale comic nightmares that follow him. Larry and Scott’s skilled touch shows, elevating a simple premise to unforeseen heights of blackly comic absurdity. When obnoxious seven-year-old monster Junior is adopted by Ben & Flo (the lovable John Ritter and his soon to be real-life wife Amy Yasbeck), all hell breaks loose as the blue-eyed cutie terrorizes all that cross his path. No cat, campout, birthday or ball game is safe from this Satanic hellspawn. Co-starring franchise MVPs Jack Warden and Gilbert Gottfried, plus Seinfeld’s Michael Richards as an escaped serial killer convict known as The Bow Tie Killer!
Dir. Dennis Dugan, 1990, 35mm, 81 min.

Here it is, the legendarily not-safe-for-parents, PG-13 Problem Child follow-up that goes waaaay beyond bad taste to become one of the most hilariously inappropriate comedies ever unleashed. Doubling down on the wild antics of the first, Junior meets his match in pint-sized psychopath Trixie. He’s bad but she’s worse, and the tiny terrors will stop at nothing to get their single parents together. It’s the closest and grossest we may ever get to a John Waters-inspired family film, and it’s what the Orlando Sentinel called “the most sheerly repulsive kiddie movie ever filmed.” We love it.
Dir. Brian Levant, 1991, 35mm, 90 min. (Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

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