We’re shifting into overdrive and exploding 2015 with the Aussie original that rocketed Mel Gibson to international superstardom, and showcased filmmaker George Miller as one of the most exciting cinematic voices to ever hail from Down Under. In the ravaged near-future, vicious bands of marauding maniacs rule the road, terrorize civilians and laugh in the face of a police force powerless to stop them. But they’ve underestimated a certain Officer Max Rockatansky, and when they brutalize his friends and family, they send Max into a mad frenzy leaving him with only one thing left to live for — REVENGE. Peerless stuntwork and stunning vehicular photography keep the pedal to the metal, propelling our iconic anti-hero and his badass car to all-time cult classic status!
Dir. George Miller, 1979, 35mm, 88 min.

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